To help you make informative decisions regarding your real estate investments, Latitude 38 Group provides relevant research regarding sales comparables in the city and throughout the bay area. This section lists nationwide stats and facts on multifamily units, as well as global and US buyers and sellers.

As depicted in the data above, price per unit and price per square foot have shown steady increase in the bay area tri-county region. In particular, the average price per unit grew 15%, the average price per square foot increased 17%, and GRM grew from 10.26 to 11.54 in 2011. Subsequently, investor's competiton for local assets will remain acute in the coming year, given the area's reknown as one of the nation's top performing aparment markets. To read more, click here

Conclusively, 2012 is a promising year for multi-family investments. Interest rates are speculated to remain extremely low, while pricing will continue to be aggressive. Additionally, rent percentage increase will likely break through the double digits, raising apartment prices to all-time highs, and ultimately compelling institutions to invest heavily in Class B and C assets. To read more, click here.