To best represent our clients in the sale and purchase of multi-family and investment real estate, Latitude 38 Group facilitates finance and asset management services. Through close alliances and a far reaching network, we provide a comprehensive capital structure including equity, debt, and joint venture. This allows for a fluid transaction and a much higher likelihood of success in closing escrow

Latitiude 38 Group sees a highly restrictive Capital Market for a number of years. As a full service brokerage we endeavor to develop flexible investment to establish an unrestricted deal flow. Wealth is created in the down times. There is an enormous opportunity to acquire quality income property at a near all time bottom, borrow at some of the lowest rates in history and invest in multi-family knowing that there will be 10m new renters through to 2015. 

How do we create value to our clients and investors:

  •   Unique ability to source high quality product
  •   In place book of business so capital can be deployed immediately (3.2 billion book of business)
  •   Defined client specific solutions (restructuring, sale, debt/equity financing, asset management)
  •   Ability to capital stack each deal
  •   Linking high profile owners, operators, co-investors, general partners, asset managers
  •   Small flexible team which allows total focus on a small qualified client base
  •   Working with the largest, highly motivated buyers and sellers
  •   Full platform for support and advice throughout the whole process 
  •   Highly Transparent Process
  •   Discretion
  • Regular cashflows
  • Preferred returns
  • Capital gains
  • Attractive yield between 8%-25%